Emento App

The app guides the patient through any kind of journey in the healthcare landscape.

Guiding is a keyword for transforming healthcare. Guiding means helping and supporting the patient during the entire patient journey. When a patient is guided from A to Z, they become a team player on the healthcare team.

How can mobile UX make the patient a team player?

4 key features that guide patients

Appointments: Overview all appointments
Tasks: Tasks of various kinds that continuously and purposefully educate the patient
Info: Contact information and useful links
Message: Direct access to the healthcare team

With a patient guide you get the right information at the right time.

User Centered Design

User-centered design is crucial for us, because it focuses on creating products that meet the actual needs and preferences of end-users, enhancing usability and satisfaction. By involving users throughout the design process, it facilitates the development of more intuitive and accessible products, leading to improved user experience and engagement.

User Centered Design process at Emento
User Centered Design process at Emento


The Emento mobile app employs its own design system and UI components to ensure a consistent and cohesive user experience across its platform, fostering brand identity and recognition.

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