Emento Platform

The platform enables healthcare professionals to rethink and design any kind of patient journey.

A central idea behind our platform is sustainability. We enable healthcare professionals to build a patient guide themselves - because it ensures quality. We create a standard tool for creating individual patient journeys - because it ensures scalability. We ensure an open system that integrates with other specialist systems - because it ensures optimization.

Every day, this places demands on usability and accessibility, visual design and design systems, continuous learning and problem-solving.

Our platform is an ecosystem of products, such as

Designer: Digitizing and setting up patient journey templates
Builder: Creating and editing content in patient journeys, including images, video and text
Track: Assignment and overviews of patient journeys besides communication with patients
Statistics: Data collection per patient journey


These are the two awards that really matter to us ... and we won them both

Danish Design Award: Outstanding Service

Danish Data Ethics Award

Danish Design Award, Emento
Data Ethics Award, Emento
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