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Having a good time

Imagine a home to rebellian designers and geeky developers, disciplined leaders and inspiring educators, caring nurses and doctors, tireless founders, moms and dads, musicians and sailors. That's Emento.

We're one big, small family of health transformers glued together by a culture we've built with care.


Our culture is a catalyst for designing the future of healthcare and at the same time having fun and a sense of belonging.

Culture is the way we relate to each other, our work and the world around us. It's a collective phenomenon at Emento. For instance, we use our empathy to understand the views of others. We see mistakes as a rich learning opportunity. We only promise what we can deliver. We share knowledge that others can benefit from. We see diversity as an advantage to be embraced.

The Emento culture is in particular based on our values.


Our values express what is important to us to achieve motivation, energy, drive and joy.


We are against opposition to change. We simply cannot help using our imagination actively. We speak and think freely. We stand by our convictions - even when we face challenges. If you can imagine it, you can build it.


Decency is closely linked to trust and responsibility. Decency is a natural ingredient in our products. We stand up for human interests and rights - both in the way we manage data and in the way we look out for our staff. Our purpose also means that we take responsibility to benefit society socially and economically.


The beautiful thing about knowledge is that its value is not diminished but rather increased when it is shared. With our knowledge, approach and culture, we create and offer conditions allowing others to be entrepreneurs and designers – using both their mental capacity and their competences. GIVE-GIVE-GIVE goes hand in hand with our power to transform and our friendly approach.


Friendship encapsulates the welcoming energy and straightforward atmosphere that we radiate and create among ourselves, our partners and clients. It is the music between us, literally and unknowingly. Friendship is also about spreading joy. - being joyful together with others who somehow succeed with something, but it is also about inviting others to share the joy of our purpose to create positive changes in the healthcare system. Friendship is linked to IMAGINATION creating a safe environment where you can think differently.

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